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Closing the Magical Realms after celebration

by | June 13, 2018 | Liturgy |

Realm of Land,
Falias, city of Stone in the North,
Realm of Earth,
Where new life grows,
Slán agus Beanneacht!

Realm of the Sea,
Murias, city of the hollow in the West,
Realms of the nurturing Sea,
Tír fo Thuinn, Land under Wave.
Slán agus Beanneacht!

the Realms of Sky,
Gorias, city of the Dividing Sword of the East,
Realms of the Air and Wind,
Whispering voice of the Soul,
Slán agus Beanneacht!

Imbas, Divine Inspiration,
Finias, city of the Spear in the South,
Realms of Fire and Magic,
Where the Soul is remade.
Slán agus Beanneacht!

Spirits of the Land of Ireland,
Ancient Gods and Goddesses,
Spirits of stone and star and tree,
Beings of lake and river, hedge and hollow,
Slán agus Beanneacht!