Membership of the Well of Wisdom Temple

Well of Wisdom Temple Membership

Membership of the Temple is open to anyone who regularly attends Temple meetings and subscribes to the aims of the Temple. Membership of the Temple is not required to attend Temple meetings.

To become a member, please contact one of the Elder members of the Temple for more information on the membership process. Members can submit issues for the Annual General Meeting, have a vote in Temple matters, and are able to elect Elder members to the governing body of the Temple.

People who have been a member of the Temple for more than two years, automatically become Elder members and are eligible for election to the governing body.

Membership to the Temple is free, and any donations made to the running of the Temple are on a voluntary basis only.

Temple Structure

The Well of Wisdom Temple is a not-for-profit unincorporated association, which is in the process of applying for Charity Status in Ireland.

Governing Body

The governing body is elected each year during the Annual General Meeting in September. All Elder members are able to be candidates for the governing body.

Current roles of the governing body are filled as follows:

Chairperson: Shane Broderick

Vice chairperson: Marsail Ni Bhreathnach

Secretary: Cathy Bridget

Treasurer: Sophia Boann

Communication: Niamh Ni Chearbhaill

The governing body meets in a closed setting four times per calendar year, and the Annual General Meeting for all members takes place in September each year.


At present, there are two clergy members facilitating the Well of Wisdom Temple. If Elder members have an interest in serving as clergy members to the Temple, they can apply with the governing body to enter in the two year clergy training program..

Work Groups

Members and Friends of the Temple are warmly invited to join in the following work groups.

Ritual Team

The Ritual Team supports the Temple during their celebrations, by setting up ritual equipment, by helping to create ritual liturgy, and actively partake in celebrations. Anyone who feels called is welcome to join the Ritual Team, which is lead by the Well of Wisdom Temple clergy.

Media Team

The Media Team looks after the Temple Website, the Facebook page, quarterly newsletters and answers emails with questions from the public.

Fundraising Team

The Fundraising Team is a vital team in the operation of the Temple. It is responsible for the annual fundraiser which covers the expenses of the Temple. Without the Fundraising team, it wouldn’t be possible to operate the Temple, which entirely depends on donations of the public.